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Best Free Virtual Dj Software For Mac

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A lack of support for DJ hardware means you’ll be stuck using the Cross DJ iOS Remote ($4.99) or your keyboard and pointing device until you decide to upgrade to the next version of Cross DJ ($49). It’s a nice way to learn to DJ, but it’s definitely a package you’ll outgrow (possibly sooner than you think, when you realize just how useful dedicated hardware controls are). Bottom line: A nice way to learn the basics with plenty of polish and user-friendly features, but ultimately limited in scope thanks to a software limitations and a lack of hardware support. (Mac & Windows) Virtual DJ is on this list, partly because it’s been around for ages (the first version was released in July 2003, though it was known as AtomixMP3 before that) and partly because it’s always had an attractive free option. Unfortunately, a disclaimer on the Virtual DJ site reads “we might display some advertisement from time to time” for free users.

Beginner DJs may find it confusing which one would be the best for them and therefore can try these free ones and find out the best software. In 2016, we selected 11 free DJ software programs that beginner and hobbyist DJs can try, for both Windows and Mac. Our top free and paid-for mixing tools for PC, Mac, Android and iOS. So, what are the best DJ software applications you can get for PC, Mac, iOS and Android? In terms of straightforward DJ features, the software packs four virtual decks, with beat sync and key-matching capabilities. There’s also a sample player and looper tool.

VirtualDJ can play not only audio tracks, but also video or karaoke, if you connect your computer to a projector or the club's screens. It comes with a plethora of effects, ranging from traditional flanger, echo, etc, to more modern 'beat-aware' effects like beatgrid, slicer, loop-roll. And if you mix videos, you'll also find a lot of video effects and transitions to play with.

Having many of the features already listed in other products and over 1.5 million downloads at time of writing, KraMixer is a good option for the beginner or eternal hobbyist. Virtual DJ (Free for 2 versions) Virtual DJ is the runner up for the best free dj software for their Home and LE contributions. The first allos for a great deal of broadcast and editing freedoms, plenty of control customization and access to all audio effects, while the LE (though technically “bought” with some controllers” allows for even more freedom of use.

Mixvibes Cross supports one of the largest array of controllers out there with over 80 different controller and digital vinyl systems. The free version doesn’t support any controllers although you can use the iOS app to control it. If you upgrade, you can use over 80 different controllers and enjoy visual waveforms and detect musical keys. Mixvibes also developed the which you can import into Cross products. Mixvibes is one of the few DJ software for Mac users that supports SoundCloud (no premium account needed) as well as iTunes although Spotify is not supported. SoundCloud support is generally very good with fast retrieval of tracks as if they were on your Mac.

You can even browse your Spotify and iTunes library from with data on cue points, waveforms, BPM etc. One of the biggest draws of djay Pro for Mac nowadays however is its unique support for both Spotify (premium) and iTunes. Djay was actually the first and still only DJ software to support integration with Spotify. You can automatically connect djay Pro to both Spotify and iTunes accounts and use tracks from both to mix, and even allow it to auto mix them so you don’t have to lift a finger. Alternatively, if you prefer to be hands-on you can use the “Match” feature which recommends tracks that will mix well into tracks you are playing. Integration with Apple products even goes as far as iCloud as it lets you sync cue points with the iOS version that you can then work with later on Mac.

Traktor is certainly the better option if its external controller support you’re looking for but Serato arguably has the best scratching and DVS support. Whichever you choose from the DJ software reviewed however, you really can’t go far wrong. We hope this guide has helped you start mixing the wheels of steel on your Mac but if you have any questions, problems, experiences or suggestions let us know in the comments below.

Here's hoping it might make a return in a future update. READ: Prev Page 6 of 12 Next Prev Page 6 of 12 Next. Mixxx is a free and open-source music making application: not only can you download it for nothing, but the more adventurous can also delve into the code and adapt its feature set. As standard, Mixxx features twin decks (each with its own scratchable, scrolling waveform) iTunes integration, four sample decks, loops and hot cues and support for a wide range of track formats. There's BPM detection and sync, and also an Auto DJ function for when you're feeling lazy. There's support for more than 85 controllers and timecode vinyl systems.

Also for their mobile devices. Here we go, best free DJ software for beginners in 2016. Mixxx Mixxx is probably the most full-featured free DJ software you can find out there today. It’s an open source software (which means you can add features to it) and includes everything you would need as a professional DJ while performing. 4-deck control, vinyl emulation, sample decks, effects, crates, auto DJ, recording and live broadcasting are some of the cool features Mixxx offers. Supporting over 85 DJ controllers, Mixxx gives you comprehensive hardware control. In our opinion, this software has nothing less than the paid version of a top brand.

Best Free Virtual Dj Software For Mac

Despite the name is suitable for both beginners and aspiring professional DJs. DJ Mixer Professional includes an impressive number of including 4 decks, audio and video remixing, beat-matching, loops, keylocking, pitch shifting, and a sampler. There’s also MIDI controller support, vinyl simulation, a visual waveform display and full integration with iTunes. You can leave DJ Mixer Professional to automix your music, mix karaoke tracks, set cue points and define your own keyboard shortcuts. You can use DJ Mixer Professional for Mac free for 20 minutes per session although you’ll need to upgrade for $99.95 in order to unlock it for unlimited use. DJ Mixer Professional is surprisingly accessible for beginners to DJing but with enough advanced and professional features to grow into. It usually costs $149.95 but is currently.

Not the easiest to learn, this program does have the benefit of a highly active community base which have complied guides and best practices, making getting started easier. Features for this program include hot cues, looping, and parallel visual displays which can contribute to better control of your own beats. It’s a bit on the older side, but still allows for superb performance at the best possible price. KraMixer (Free) If you want to get into DJing as a hobby but have no real plans of investing money towards it, KraMixer may be a good option for you. Based entirely virtually, this program has no support for outside controls or turn tables, but does run a robust enough sound engine to make up for that if you’ve never had the experience.

The quality and number of special loops and samples varies from app to app but there are also many other sites and sources where you can for your DJ sets. • Cross Faders for mixing between tracks and standard in all DJ mixing software.

Free Virtual Dj Software Downloads

Both online applications act like a traditional DJ software and enable you to mix songs from SoundCloud and YouTube database. We included them in our list, because we think beginner DJs might find it very useful to familiarize how DJ software works and practice when getting their first step into DJ’ing. You.DJ also has a premium version which unlocks effects, samples, hot cues, beat sync, key lock and more. It costs only 4.90 Euros. This is a life-time subscription and you get all future premium features added. Click to reach You.DJ.

Virtual Dj Pro For Mac

Also consider: ($9.99) Professional If you’re really aiming for truly memorable performances and want the best money can buy, you can’t go wrong with a professional DJ package. ($149, Mac & Windows) When you buy a product like Traktor Pro, you’re not only buying access to the software’s functionality, but the name on which the brand was built. Traktor has become somewhat of a standard among DJs, trusted by some of the biggest names and busiest venues. Of course, Traktor Pro is drowning in premium features as well. Traktor has four decks including remix decks, which can each hold up to 64 samples and be saved as a set in your playlist. You can then quickly recall your remix deck whenever you need it, or simply download a selection of from Traktor. You can see this powerful feature in action in the video below. A powerful library that integrates with iTunes makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, excellent sync controls track tempos, beatgrids, and musical key, so that mixes can be automatically beatmatched perfectly.

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