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Brownstone Dipl For Windows Exam Iv For Mac

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• Zipping progress bar is updated so that compression percentage is more obvious. • Fixed a bug with the caption display that caused crashes with creating new questions, revert file to saved, and other actions. • Fixed a bug with the rtf reader that caused problems where text the last word of a question or answer might get lost. Refactoring (Improving) • White space is being preserved in RTF to HTML conversions.

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Wimba - Diploma 6 Release Notes Diploma 6 (Windows) Release Notes As of Diploma 6.67, these release notes are kept at:. Below are the release notes for Diploma releases prior to 6.67. 6.65 (Build 0102 - ) Bug Fixes • Fixed a problem when tables were at the beginning of question text - during printing, an extra blank line would appear, making the table text not line up with the question number. • Fixed a problem importing optional hyphens - an extra space would end up being inserted where the hyphen had been. 6.64 (Build 0098 - 9/24/2009) Enhancements • Added Moodle export option (supports 1.7 - 1.9). • Diploma now remembers the column settings (which columns are visible, and their relative sizes) when you change them, whether or not you save the file afterward.

• Added URL encoding to the registration link created by the installer, to improve consistency with the data loaded into the registration form while registering. • Improved the ability of the upgrade/repair installation pathways to update the registration link and keep the question bank information intact within it. • Some equations were not importing correctly due to the wrong information inside the OLE stream. Switched the import process to look in more places to get it to try to load the OLE data as an equation. (RTF Import) • On Angel 7. General feedback was being displayed twice for Multiple Choice questions when no answer-specific feedback was specified. • Fixed the 'Learn More about Importing' link on the import dialog.

Would not appear. (Exam - HTML Exports) • Fixed a problem with Blackboard exports, where images could be overwritten when imported into Blackboard. (Exam - HTML Exports) • Fixed problems with Trig functions in the algorithm engine.

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® online for each visitor by creating a personal participant profile. Registered participants may update their contact information, take an exam, receive instant grading, view their exam history, and print certificates for successfully completed programs at any time.

Brownstone Dipl For Windows Exam Iv For Machine

6.55 (Build 0063 - ) Enhancements • Added new Desire2Learn export. • Updated Blackboard 6 and 7 exports to use the new XML-based format, and supports exporting Multiple Selection questions.

• Fix Desire2Learn export of short answer or fill-in-the-blank questions - numeric answers were making the question export as essay. • Fix Blackboard 6 export of true/false questions, where Blackboard always thought the answer was false. • Mixing Symbol characters and superscript or subscript formatting created invalid HTML that caused problems on some browsers. • Resized the area for installation error messages to provide enough room.

• TheTestingCenter.Com now supports Multiple Selection questions. • Updated graphics on TheTestingCenter.Com. • Improved installation pathways when reinstalling Diploma with another question bank, including clarifying messages with detailed version information.

2 to -2 instead of -2 to 2). (Plot) • Fixed shading problems with plots that enter and leave the viewable graph area. (Plot) • Adjusted the division operator to create a floating point value if necessary. (Plot) • Improved the on-screen quality of the axes arrow heads.

• Default Question Bank directory changed to install under My Documents, to help address Windows Vista compatibility. Bug Fixes • Scaled 32-bit color images were not exporting to HTML.

• When inserting plots, the Diploma menu now has the three coordinate systems to choose from. Bug Fixes • Fixed a crash when trying to draw points partially on the plot area. (Plot) • Fixed problems with plotting when the plot bounds was in the opposite order (e.g.

(Publishing Kit Edition only) Bug Fixes • Question duplication detection will not be triggered when two otherwise identical questions point to different references. • Added a workaround for the WebCT Vista 3 export where multiple exports would override each other when imported as a package. • Answer locking now works correctly with WebCT Vista. • Answer blanks will not be printed in front of Short Answer, Fill-in-the-Blank, and Essay questions.

• Exam no longer crashes after removing last chapter from a question bank. • Fixed temporary file leak. • When exporting to HTML, improved table handling when tab settings are present (rare). • Improved processing of 'real' dollar signs for EDU exporting. • Fixed negative signs returned from the algorithm engine inside of equations. Refactoring (Improving) • Improved temporary file handling.


(Exam) • Fixed a crash associated with table border information when exporting to HTML. (Exam - HTML Exports) 6.45.0014 (4/4/2006) Enhancements • New mastering options for mastering Tutor question banks. (Pub Kit) • Added ability to detect when running under Windows Vista, and use the appropriate UI font. (Exam) Bug Fixes • Fixed a bug when renaming custom-sorted fields in the field information dialog.

(Pub Kit - EDU Import) Bug Fixes • Fixed a crash when printing MC questions that had no text in either multi-column or single paragraph mode. (Exam) • Fixed open dialog 'remove' command crash on XP systems, and also fixed additional pop-up menu that appeared after the remove command. (Exam) • Field values with extended characters import correctly.

• EDU Export includes option to support EDU 2.0 extensions. RTF Beta Changes • RTF Import now converts tab settings to tables. • RTF Import will convert any equation (MS Equation, MathType, EE, etc.). • RTF Import feature's browse feature now uses the Desktop as the root. • RTF Import feature now correctly remembers last rtf path for each question bank. • RTF Import can now import rtf files as exam documents.

Brownstone Dipl For Windows Exam Iv For Macros

No longer hangs Diploma under Mac OS 10.5. • Superscript / subscript rendered properly when exported to RTF. • Color and font in tables rendered properly when exported to RTF. • Double underlines rendered properly when exported to RTF. • Record editor font dialog has multiple issues resolved. • Font foreground and background colors rendered correctly everywhere. • Printing short answer, fill-in-the-blank questions after using page setup is now possible.

(Exam - RTF Import) 6.30.0001 (12/2/2003) Enhancements • New pub kit tool, 'Remove Unnecessary Equations'. (Exam - Pub Kit) • New pub kit tool, 'Update Corrupt Equations'. (Exam - Pub Kit) • New pub kit tool, 'Clean Unused Answer Blocks from Open Ended Questions'. (Exam - Pub Kit) • New pub kit tool, 'Remove Variable Definitions from Non-Algorithmic Questions'.