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This course will emphasize the laboratory construction and troubleshooting of these circuits. The student should expect to pay for additional materials for this course. Prerequisite: MAC241 Syllabus. 3 credits; 4.0 hours (3 class, 1 lab) This course provides a detailed, in-depth overview of network security problems and discusses potential solutions. The course covers a broad variety of important security topics such as cryptography, authentication, denial-of-service attacks, worms, viruses, phishing, spyware and Trojan horse.

MAC 1147 Precalculus with Trigonometry 4 sh (may not be repeated for credit) Prerequisite: OR 22 ACT Math OR OR 520 SAT Math OR 123 PERT Math This course stresses the aspects of algebra and trigonometry that are important for the calculus sequence. The course lays emphasis on graphs in the study of functions and algebraic relations; covers polynomials, rational functions, logarithmic, exponential, and piecewise define functions; inequalities; conic sections; matrices; and sequences and series. Additionally, the course covers angles, trigonometric functions and graphs; inverse trigonometric functions and graphs; trigonometric formulas, identities and equations; solutions of triangles; and polar coordinates, equations, and graphs. Meets General Education requirement in Mathematics.

'There's something about developing for the iOS platform that's really exciting and fun because it runs on devices that everybody has in their purses or pockets, ' he said. 'There aren't a lot of courses you can take that when you get to the end, to your final project, you can take it out of your pocket and show your friends.' Hegarty said that his students develop a wide array of applications for the iPhone and iPad, including many that improve or automate their daily lives. Those include apps that manage laboratory experiments, keep track of food choices at campus eateries, or access the works of Shakespeare.

Stanford University is offering the iOS 5 edition of its well-regarded iPhone and iPad application development course free on iTunes U. Instructor Paul Hegarty attributes the course popularity to. We’ve got plenty of things for you to take part in at mac birmingham, from 100s of courses and talks.

ITunes U collections can now be found in the Podcasts section of iTunes on Mac or PC, or in the Podcasts app on iOS devices or Apple TV. After the iTunes U iOS app is updated to version 3.6, it. Course Description. Using Apple Certified Curriculum, this course focuses on solutions for deploying software, ranging from the installation of individual files to the deployment of complete system images to multiple computers.

Meets General Education requirement in Mathematics. Meets Gordon Rule Theoretical Mathematics Requirement. MAC 1114 Trigonometry 3 sh (may not be repeated for credit) Prerequisite: OR OR OR 520 SAT Math OR 22 ACT English OR 123 Trigonometric functions, their properties and graphs, inverse trigonometric functions, their properties and graphs, trigonometric identities, conditional trigonometric equations; solutions of triangles, vector algebra, parametric equations, polar coordinates, applications. College Algebra or a strong high school algebra background is required. Meets General Education requirement in Mathematics.

With his success as a wrestler in the Heavy Weight division and becoming ranked in the top 4 of the nation, his goal is to use what he learned as an athlete and apply it to his patients to help them get as healthy as possible using lifestyle as medicine. Spencer is the author of the Fat Loss Prescription which provides evidence-based methods which he uses as an obesity physician to help his patients.

Credits; 5 hours (3 lecture, 2 lab) This course will teach students how a computer logic statement is converted into an actual circuit. Using binary notation and Boolean algebra, the student will analyze switching networks of logic gates. The circuits which are mathematically described will then be translated into wiring diagrams and implemented on logic trainers and/or prototype boards. The student should expect to pay for additional materials for this course.

You will have class time to practice the techniques. Required prerequisite: Web Design and Development I. Adobe Photoshop is an asset.

Prerequisite: MAC101 or MAC109 Syllabus. 2 credits; 2 hours This course reinforces the student’s concepts of digital circuit-board fabrication for computer and communication devices through the construction of projects. Topics include: lab safety, reading schematic diagrams, PC board layout design and construction, componentssoldering and wirewrapping. The student will also learn the techniques of troubleshooting the devices using the instruments provided by the laboratory. The projects will vary. The student should expect to pay for additional materials for this course.

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Work with a range of subject matter and learn to use materials effectively. Engage in discussions about art that will develop your understanding of how to apply the principles of art to create a compelling composition. Discuss the elements that make a polished portfolio presentation. Some work outside of class time is required to develop and finish projects. This course is for anyone who wants to develop their artistic skills while focusing on complete projects and the preparation of a portfolio presentation for application to fine art, animation, illustration, fashion and design programs. Note: A list of art supplies for students to purchase will be sent via email before the first class.

The student should expect to pay for additional materials for this course. Prerequisite: MAC241 Syllabus.

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Get acquainted with Adobe InDesign – the industry-standard page layout and design application, and a key component of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Guided in-class projects will provide introductory-to-intermediate use of InDesign’s tools, panels and processes, including printing and PDF export options. Through hands-on instruction you’ll produce a variety of real-world design solutions such as posters, advertisements, and multiple-page layouts such as brochures or magazine spreads. In addition to integrating graphics, controlling colour, and basic preparation for commercial printing, InDesign’s extensive typographic controls will be covered in detail. Recommended: Basic Macintosh operating system experience. Reach your target audience and achieve results for your business by learning digital marketing methods and implementing progressive digital marketing techniques. Build your marketing tool-kit by learning digital marketing methods and effective ways to implement the components of digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising, social media, content marketing, and analytics.

4 credits; 5 hours (3 lecture, 2 lab) This course will provide students with the knowledge needed to diagnose and repair stand-alone and networked personal computers. The student will learn about hardware, including disk drives, mainboards, video boards, network interface cards and modems. Editable cms 1500 template for mac. Students will learn how to set up, diagnose, and repair network connections, servers and workstations. Students will work with testing equipment such as oscilloscopes, patch boxes, LAN testers, and wiring tools. General software diagnostic tools will be used.