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Plantronics Dsp 300 Headset Driver For Mac

Plantronics Dsp 300 Headset Driver For Mac 5,8/10 4182 reviews

Plantronics DSP 300 - headset overview and full product specs on CNET.

For years (8+) I 've been using the Plantronics DSP-400 headset. It's still in good condition and works well for me, but, it's time for a change to something more modern. The Plantronics mics come with Mac drivers, which allow you to modify the mics' firmware. To keep the headset in position. In contrast, the Parrott Caribbean and the Plantronics DSP-300, DSP. The Plantronics DSP 300 headset weighs about 6 ounces (175 g), and fits easily into a notebook bag or briefcase. The unit retails for between $68 and $77, and includes a software CD with Windows drivers and a handy device control program; volume discounts should be available to those who wish to purchase this unit in numbers.

-- Plantronics DSP-100 Digitally-Enhanced USB Speech Recognition Headset & Software - A lightweight monaural headset for accurate speech recognition, and unmatched clarity and comfort. This headset is a perfect choice for Internet telephony/chat, and voice and speech recognition applications. Brother 7420 mfc driver for mac. PerSono audio control software and bonus third-party software included. The microphone swivels for left or right side wear. The MSRP for the DSP-100 is $89.95. -- Plantronics DSP-300 Digitally-Enhanced USB Lightweight Stereo Headset & Software - A versatile stereo headset designed for computer audio such as listening to CDs and MP3 music files, as well as using speech recognition, Internet telephony/chat and playing multimedia games.

Give them a call at 1-800-319-7315, or email.

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The Telex H-831 helped iListen perform extremely well -- the software made only five errors. With all three of the VXI mics and the H-531, iListen made eight errors or fewer; with the Plantronics mics, it made between 10 and 12 errors, which is still quite good. With the NC-7100, iListen made 16 errors. The freestanding M-560 didn't work at all with iListen; the program crashed whenever I tried to run it with the M-560 plugged in.

Sound card and sound chip inside PC may suffer from low cost, low quality and also from magnetic interference, and heat inside PC. To solve this riddle, Plantronics, a light weight headset maker has introduced DSP series of headset. DSP stands for “Digital Signal Processing”.

Stereo speakers not only make mics more comfortable to wear but also make it easier to adjust the boom, because you already know where to put the earpieces. The monophonic (and speakerless) head-worn mics require a bit of futzing before you can use them with delicate sound programs, such as speech-recognition software: you have to position the boom so that the mic is just to the left of your mouth, but not touching it. The DSP-500 was the best in this respect: I was able to toss it on and position the mic with a minimum of fuss. The DSP-300 was a bit harder to adjust than the others because it uses a rigid boom that only slides forward and back, for a narrower range of positions. A handful of these mics have some useful, distinguishing features. Unlike the other mics, the Parrott Aruba and Parrott Caribbean have volume and mute controls in a small unit that you can clip to your shirt (the Plantronics models do, as well, but their controls work only with Wintel boxes).

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Plantronics Dsp 300 Headset Driver For Mac

Plantronics Dsp 300 Headset Driver For Mac

'Plantronics is very successful in anticipating market trends and developing quality products to address them,' said Tim Bajarin, President of Creative Strategies, a high tech consulting firm that has been tracking the computer and consumer electronics industry since it was founded in 1969. 'Internet and desktop applications are becoming more focused than ever before on multimedia and voice enabled technologies. Plantronics, with their new line of USB digital products, is now providing consumers a complete hardware and software package to interface with these applications.' About Plantronics Plantronics introduced the first lightweight communications headset in 1962 and is recognized as the world leader in communications headsets. A publicly held company with more than 2,400 employees, Plantronics is the leading provider of headsets to telephone companies and the business community worldwide.

Plantronics Dsp-300 Headset

The single interface, allows the user to quickly and easily adjust volume, balance, bass and treble for output sound, as well as mute and volume adjustment for the microphone. This capability makes it simple to set personal preferences and obtain the best performance no matter what the application (i.e. Web chat, speech recognition, PC gaming.) The user can also select EQ presets for different music styles (i.e.

Plantronics Audio 400 Dsp Headset

-- Plantronics DSP-500 Digitally-Enhanced USB Gaming/Multimedia Headset & Software - A stereo gaming headset designed for experiencing the greatest sound with PC and Internet games. This is also an excellent headset for Internet chat, listening to music and speech/voice applications. Incredible range, from deep bass to crisp highs, complements the best voice recognition capabilities available. PerSono audio control software and bonus third-party software included.