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Billions of rounds of ammunition are used yearly. Only an infinitesimal portion of those rounds kill people. The fact that you are unaware of the uses for firearms other than killing people demonstrates your ignorance on the topic. For your information, the vast majority of firearms and ammunition in the US are used for hunting, predator control, and target shooting.

Is there a 'God' mode accessible on Rage? - posted in Mac Action & Shooters: Is there a way to access a 'God' mode on Rage. I searched through some of the old threads on the forum and no luck. Just trying to finish the game and some of the missions. Before texture update. After update. RAGE 1.2 Patch Release Notes-----This RAGE patch adds some new features and addresses various compatibility and performance issues. Oct 10, 2011  Users suffering from performance problems while trying to play the PC version of id's Rage should grab the latest update. Re: Mac and PC editor available here! By tas9195 on Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:48 pm Ok maybe I jumped the gun, I just got it to download on the fire but still not on my phone.

The root to all of evil are liberals in America? This is how polarized this country has gottento where one side feels the other side is the bane of humans existence. Not Al-Qaeda. Not the Syrian state government. Not the Taliban.

Blaming a tool is wrong. My dilemma remains: who gets to decide, before the fact, that a certain individual cannot be expected to use the tool properly? Must we always wait until the bodies are in the theaters or schoolrooms to identify bad actors? Also, it’s kind of a false comparison to equate guns and cars as both just tools. Everyday, cars are used for millions of useful tasks. Occasionally, a car is intentionally misused. Every time a gun leaves its holster, there is only two possible intents.

Baranga 'As long as you don't stop to look, it looks pretty good' What? It's not a racing game, you're going to get face to face with textures while playing.

You are trying to muddy the waters with accident vs. The report simply counts deaths related to guns vs. Deaths due to motor vehicles: The report finds that in 2013, firearm-related deaths exceeded those caused by motor vehicles in 17 states and the District of Columbia. However you slice it, it is very interesting. Gun-related deaths are increasing while car-related deaths are decreasing. Consider as well that about 90 percent of American households own a car, but less than a third of American households own guns. The VPC is notorious for muddying the waters.

Your own dogma strangles itself in its intractability. Eventually moderates will get tired of this crap and find a way to work past the extremists. Right now, the extremists on both ends of the political spectrum are the basic root problem.

Please disable this feature if you encounter poor performance, stability issues or are given a notification that the game has run out of memory after loading a map. The Texture Detail option can be found in the Settings -> Video Menu.

In terms of gameplay, version 18.2.1 of Football Manager 2018 only brings a couple of alterations. Scouting costs have had a balance pass, and some league expectations have been added in Belgium. Here are the full notes.

Try setting your in game Antialiasing to 4x instead of 8x or 16x as that can be a huge hit. Also don't forget to try toggling v-sync on/off to see which is better for you. Also I have a screenshot of my settings and in game pictures at the bottom. I don't have comparison pictures:/ Although I should. This fix will skip the intro movies before the main menu. That being said: This fix requires you to have at least 1GB or more of video memory.

No” and “Should no one have a gun? No”, I posit this approach.

You can disagree with what the other side has to say, but you don’t think your stepping out of your bounds just a little bit? What is funny is I have heard the same thing from Rush Limbaugh. I have heard the same thing from Fox News shows. And the liberals will say.this suprises you?

- Fixed lack of texture detail on parts of the screen at high resolutions due to limited feedback analysis buffer. - Fixed thread stack space usage and freed up 700 MB of virtual address space. - Re-enabled UBOs. - Adjustments to default VDM values for balance. [QUOTE='guynamedbilly']I don't think I've gotten that patch yet.

But I would like to think that you come to this idea from your own mind and not injesting it from the sources you listen to. But when a statement this drastic is saidits hard not to think your not just regurgitating the agenda set out by these media outlets. NO you have it wrong, wrong wrong. Go back and re-read some of the liberal posts.

The obstacle is practically negligible and criminals can very effortlessly go around them. It is rather difficult in America to purchase a car and drive it immediately without registering it first. While it is easier to drive a properly registered car without a license (if you always obey traffic laws, you can likely get away with it for years before you are legitimately stopped by law enforcement), it is still likely that you will be caught. America will probably never agree to restrict the personal rights to own firearms. There should be a way to restrict ways to buy firearms in order to make it much more difficult for the criminals. Today, it is almost as easy as buying Imodium AD at a local 7-eleven.

Because a legit gun owner wasn’t there to stop them when those crimes were committed? An assortment of stats: Seventy-eight percent of all shooting deaths are drug-, gang- or other criminal-related incidents committed with unregistered guns wielded by non-licensed criminals. Law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times every year.

The above proves otherwise. Your numbers are very skilfully twisted to support an argument. There is no correlation between number of guns and number of murders. The number of 2.5m (representing Americans defending themselves against crime) is so grossly inflated by using most absurd cases (when a beggar approaches a vehicle and a person in the vehicle had an unconcealed weapon, causing the beggar to flee). In reality, proper studies reveal that having a gun available in situations when crime is being committed against someone is statistically very unlikely to improve the outcome. While Americans love to believe that they are safer if the own and carry guns, statistical data and numerous studies analysing it proves othewise. The problem in America is clearly the simplicity and ease with which a gun can be purchased (and subsequently used).

People who know nothing of America except what the corporate media and Michael Bloomberg feed them should keep their ignorance to themselves. No, it’s not out of date. The reason for the 2nd amendment is to protect against oppressive government. The ability to shoot criminals in the face is just a side benefit.

“At Organica Herb, they have thousands of jars of tea, medicinal, calming- so it was out of character when Lucas Hinch was out of patience. He let loose 8 rounds right into his doomed Dell PC.” MacDailyNews Take: Gives additional meaning to “shooting the shit.” “We asked Hinch if he had any regrets. He told us, ‘yes, this wasn’t the right thing to do,'” KKTV reports. “Lucas says if he ever does anything like this again, he’ll do it somewhere where it’s legal.

You are so far to the right that you end up pushing moderates farther to the left, and pushing the already far left to become your diametric opposite. That results in gridlock, because the political extremes have no interest in reasonable debate or compromise.

Not Al-Qaeda. Not the Syrian state government. Not the Taliban. Not the latin American drug trade. Not the Janjaweed militiamen in Sudan. No.the libs are far worst than these groups.

Deaths due to motor vehicles: The report finds that in 2013, firearm-related deaths exceeded those caused by motor vehicles in 17 states and the District of Columbia. However you slice it, it is very interesting. Gun-related deaths are increasing while car-related deaths are decreasing. Consider as well that about 90 percent of American households own a car, but less than a third of American households own guns. The VPC is notorious for muddying the waters. They’re the ones comparing car crashes to a variety of firearm-related deaths – most suicide or crime-related and very very few accident-related. I know it’s semantics, but the cars didn’t cause the deaths (in the overwhelming majority of cases) and guns dont cause the deaths – or crime.

Business people are often confronted with project management with milestones and timelines. These generate a series of branches which help users visually organize causal relationships among complex ideas or events. Xmind tool. XMind for Mac also uses Fishbone charts, also known as a Cause and Effect diagram.

In other words, when someone breaks into your home, in the end, it really doesn’t matter whether you do have a gun or not; the criminals in most cases know what to expect and prepare accordingly (in gun-loving states, they bring guns). Negligible percentage of gun owners were able to save themselves and their property by successfully using their gun in a criminal action perpetrated against them. Meanwhile, significantly higher number of gun-related accidents (and deaths) occur in gun-owning households, than the amount of crime prevented by those guns. The most recent polls among Americans seems to indicate that slight majority now supports gun rights. This is a testament to an incredibly effective promotional efforts of the NRA and gun lobby, more than anything else.

News • Posted Aug 02, 2018 7:00am PDT It's been many years since a Spider-Man game has truly given me the sense of being the friendly neighborhood webhead. I wasn't sure what to expect. • Posted Jul 29, 2018 1:00pm PDT Card reveals have begun for Hearthstone's next big expansion.

People with intent to kill will use anything to kill wether it is guns, explosives, etc See the point. Remove guns, the crimmials will use it against those who do not.

Since, again, the game has already been made, there would be no downgrade for the PC version because time travel isn't real. You're already playing with people who have PC's that perform worse than current-gen consoles and your experience is unaffected. Any issues that would prevent cross-platform play would involve fairness (PC isn't likely to hold too much of an advantage beyond add-ons since the game doesn't require much aim and all the skills fit on a controller comfortably) and of course Sony/Microsoft playing ball. More players are always a good thing and having as much of the community playing together as possible is how we can prolong the game's lifespan, so I always get annoyed when people say dumb elitist nonsense like that. Who says they'd have to?

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Meaning all guns show not be banned. The point of how to manage or control guns then emerges. However, the subject stated that guns are the cause of the problem.

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Three things would make me feel less worried. Ideas are from another post, comparing gun ownership to car ownership. 1 Training, safe handling and some level of hitting what you intend. 2 License, upon successful completion of training, including skill demonstration and proof of insurance. 3 Insurance, to indemnify any property or personal injury you cause with the gun. No justified shooting allowed, you shoot, the insurance company pays for damages. No insurance, no license.

That’s when Royer pulled out his gun and pointed it at McTear, who turned and sped away in his car. Authorities caught him a short time later and booked him into the Coffee County jail. That does not answer the question: “France has very strict gun laws, some of the toughest gun control in the world. So, why didn’t that save Charlie Hebdo?” Most gun violence in the United States is committed with illegal or unregistered firearms. According to the, 12,000 gun murders in the US are committed by individuals who are already not legally allowed to own guns. In other words, more “gun control” laws are not needed. Proper gun laws are what are needed, i.e.

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Instead of going with the present real answer to the first question, which is “Everyone gets to have a gun until they kill some innocent and they get to carry that gun anywhere they want”, lets try a policy something like the NRA uses for their conventions “No guns allowed in public spaces”. And this would be why the violent crime rate in England is 4 times that of the U.S.

Every right must be intrinsically intertwined with a corresponding RESPONSIBILITY. Gun nuts seem to be focused on the right and mostly ignore the responsibility.

But, if the US citizenry prefers to have guns, that is our right, so F__k Off. The gun banner VPC is wrongly comparing the number of deaths from car crashes to all deaths from firearms. Is VPC claiming ~60% of automotive deaths are suicides; or ~40% of automotive deaths are homicide/accident/justifiable homicide? The gun banner VPC is using two different types of death rates and comparing them wrongly. For good sources of unbiased data, check the CDC/FBI.