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Samsung Pc Studio Download Mac

Samsung Pc Studio Download Mac 7,4/10 2762 reviews

Samsung PC Studio is a program which helps you to connect your mobile phone to your personal computer. To better use the data inside your mobile phone and computer. It is a windows based program, and you can manage and personalize your personal data and files easily.

Totally insane. And also, WHY can't I COPY & PASTE the list to another program? Ie, Note Pad, email, Word? Too, too weird, not to mention really aggravating. This could be a fine little program if it acted normally.

Get the latest owner's manuals, firmware and software updates for you Samsung devices in one easy-to-navigate location: the Samsung Download Center. Samsung pc studio free download - New PC Studio, 4Media iPod to PC Transfer, Samsung Video Converter, and many more programs. Samsung Pc Studio 7 For Mac, free samsung pc studio 7 for mac software downloads. Samsung PC Suite (Pc Studio) Latest Version V7.2.24.9 Free Download For Windows & MAC. Samsung (World,s No-1 Smart Phone) latest pc suite is released, and also avail to download directly without waiting.

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Upgrading the Mobile Phone The mobile phone can be upgraded to the latest version. How do I get New PC Studio? New PC Studio software is available for download from the Samsung support downloads page for your phone.

It would necessarily be the part of a PC Suite • Even managing your phone book has become a lot easier as compare to managing it via mobile phone. You can use the phone book function to all of your friends. Add all of them to a conference, and have a nice meeting over a phone Now do not wait, and download the, we already have given a download link. Tap the download button and get the file, hope you would like it, do not forget to share it with your friends.

Click on “Software” and you will find the “ Samsung Kies” file for windows 7, vista and windows xp. Click to download it to your computer. You can alternatively download it here. If you have already installed version 1.0 on your computer, download the uninstaller file (whose description is “Uninstall Program”) to uninstall it and then download the latest installer (version to install Samsung Kies. Enjoy Samsung Kies, a free PC sync utility for android phones.

Save as mp3, wav, amr, aac, m4a • Photo – Import jpeg, bmp, gif, png, wbmp, tif. Save as jpeg, bmp, png, gif • Multimedia Player (Play multimedia files) • Play multimedia files (compatible with your phone) such as movies and sounds. • Live Update – You can update your Samsung PC Studio to the latest version. • Live Update can be performed as follows. • Run Samsung PC Studio. In the Launcher window, select the Tools > Live Update menu.

Its really awesome. I am highly impressed with the interface and style like on/off, quick guide theme and info you have provided in it is very helpful that one can understand easily.Moreover there are no extra ads on sides to irritate so well done and don't forget to upgrade because i expect more from you, thank you.

Using Samsung New PC Studio is very simple. Connect your phone to your computer and view the contents of the phone directly on the PC. You can move photos, music and videos easily from the phone to the computer or vice versa. Just drag and drop them in the final destination. You can also publish content on the internet using online services like Flickr, YouTube or Facebook.

You will also be able to synchronize your data between Phone and PC. This is very useful if you'd like to create a backup of all your phone's important information. Samsung PC Studio allows you to browse media files stored in your Samsung phone directly on your PC, enabling you to perform file transfers to an from your computer. You can also access the Internet by using your mobile device as a modem. It also simplifies the composing of short and multimedia messages, allowing you to do this right from your PC and then sending them through your phone. Samsung PC Studio is also a powerful multimedia manager, allowing you to organize, create and edit photos and video files in order to transfer them to your mobile phone.

It would definitely be the part of the PC-Suite. To mention it would not be worth enough to differentiate a good or bad PC Suite.

You can also check out the new to manage content across your computer and Samsung mobile phones. If you are a T-Mobile Samsung vibrant user from U.S, and came here looking for, you can not only get the a custom version of the software for T-Mobile users, but also find out why and how to do the android 2.2 update here – ().

Cons The synchronization is limited to MS Outlook.

This is helpful to protect all data and contact in case of loss or damage of the phone. Pros Automatic update of Samsung PC Studio can be configured. The software is free to download. It is available in several languages.

If you are using latest Samsung Galaxy models then you must use Samsung Kies 3 PC suite. It does not support any other Samsung PC. Here i will also tell you how to install Samsung PC suite for windows. Step 3: Just click on that link. It will open to other page then click on download software.

People love Apple not just for their products like Iphone, Ipad and Mac but also for their software. This includes the popular iTunes.

For that, the software will compress the file into a format that will be compatible with his Samsung device. Music conversion: with this option, the user only has to import the music files to the interface. After that, by clicking on the Convert button, the software will change them to a compatible format for the Samsung device. Backup of files: Samsung PC Studio allows the user to save backup file of the cellular on the PC hard drive.

• Current rating: 5 • • • • • Average rating: 5/5 (2 votes) Your rating: not submitted Samsung PC Studio is a powerful and feature packed software bundle which will empower you to manage your personal data and your media files by connecting a Samsung mobile phone to your Personal Computer. Samsung PC Studio will allow you to easily import Audio CDs into your computer. The software will retrieve important information from your CD (Album title, Track name, Artist name, and more) and it will allow you to automatically rip songs which will contain all this data. Samsung PC Studio will also allow you to manage your music collection and to clean up incorrect song file information based on the same data. It will also display related music content in your library when a certain song or artist is selected. With Samsung PC Studio you can connect your Phone to PC by any method you wish: Serial, Bluetooth USB or IrDA (infrared). Once your phone is connected, this software will allow you to manage your important data, such as short and multimedia messages, contacts, to-do lists, important dates, etc., directly from your computer.

• Sync Contacts with Outlook or Google or Yahoo: This functionality provides more control over in syncing the contacts with outlook,Google or Yahoo. This also helps to add or edit the contacts in the convenient of PC. • Organize Music Files and Sync: With Samsung Kies, it is easier to organize the music playlist and sync them with the mobile. • Backup Photos and Videos from Mobile to PC: Samsung Kies provides easy ways to back up your precious photo and videos which are available on your mobile phone to PC. System requirement to Install Samsung Kies on Windows based PC: • Compatible OS:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32/64bit are supported) • CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or above (recommended) • Minimum memory size (RAM):1.00GB (recommended) • Free hard drive space:At least 500MB (recommended) • Screen resolution:1024 x 768(600), 32 bit or above • Required software:Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or above, Windows Media Player 10 or above, DirectX 9.0C • * For Windows Mobile, ActiveSync (Windows XP) or Device Centre (Windows Vista/7) Update: Samsung has release newer version of Kies. The latest Samsung PC suite is Kies 3.0.

The following are the software required for it to work properly. Ensure that you have these on your computer. •.Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or above • or above. If you are on windows 7, you already have. • DirectX 9.0C or above If you are a Mac user owning a Samsung Wave smartphone, you can download the now.

I am highly imp. Excellent software with beautiful musial interface and ads free, thankyou.

The programmes supported are Microsoft ® Outlook® and Outlook Express Phone Explorer (Manage files):Manage multimedia files in your phone on your PC and to transfer files between your phone and PC Networking Wizard (Manage Internet connections):Access the Internet using the connected Phone as a modem MMS Composer (Compose Multiimedia messages):Make and edit multimedia using photos, movies, sounds and text. The messages can be saved or sent via the connected phone. Multimedia Manager (Manage multiimedia files):Modify various media files (below) imported from your mobile phone, PC or CD and create a new one. This also has a play function. • Video – Import 3gp, 3g2, mpeg, mpg, mp4, avi, divx, asf, wmv. Convert to mp4, 3gp • Music – Import mp3, aac, mp4, 3gp, 3g2, m4a, mmf, midi, amr.

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Key features Connection: with this software, the user will be able to connect his Samsung mobile to the computer. Indeed, this connection can be performed using cable, infrared or Bluetooth system. Text messaging: Samsung PC Studio allows the user to send messages to his contact from the computer. Thanks to that, it is possible to send oversize messages that are normally unsupported by mobile phones. Image editing: this option is helpful while the user wants to import an image file to his cellular.

Even the option to back up your data in different ways and in formats of the files has indulged in this PC Suite • You can have the Application backup in a separate folder, plus phone contacts, SMS backup, call logs backup, etc • Can put your messages on schedule, can make some calls on schedule with chat messages. It can send Email schedules, alarms, contacts, emails, and much more can manage via using PC Studio new version • The use of this PC Suite for installing application is also a nice add on the features. You can install lots of application with just one tap of the finger, can install the updates for your mobile phone’s OS • The sending and receiving of the multi-media files and contents seem to be an old idea now.

This tool will also let you easily search all your media files, split and manage large files for storing them onto memory cards, create your own photo albums, organize your music collection, upload your photos to Samsung's u-Blog web service and play various types of video, photo and audio file formats. Pros • Full synchronization between your GSM and PC. • Manage Java and Symbian related apps.

Samsung PC suite free download Basically Samsung PC Suite is a software tool, where it is used to establish as interface between Samsung mobile devices and computers that run on latest android version. Where it is used to transfer images, music and some applications. Even we can connect directly to Bluetooth and USB. There are so many Samsung PC suites are available in Samsung app store such as like Samsung Kies 3, Samsung Kies Air, Samsung Kies Mini, Samsung PC Studio. All Samsung PC Suites are available freely. You can download from official website of Samsung app store. It has a capacity to support all types of windows like Windows XP, windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

The media manager of the Samsung New PC Studio media manager sorts your music, video or photo, and includes a player/viewer to help you carry out the task. The Samsung New PC Studio software also updates your phone's calendar and synchronizes your phone contacts, appointments and events stored in Outlook. Samsung New PC Studio's slick looks and abundance of help material makes using it a pleasure. If you have a Samsung cell phone, you can't live without Samsung New PC Studio installed on your PC. By Anonymous Slow to load and eventually doesn't work. RUGH.JORDAN, you've taken the words right out of my mouth! Slow to load and eventually doesn't work.

For Download the latest Samsung Kies. Samsung PC Studio 3: Samsung PC Studio is another tool with additional features to enhance the experience. Key Features of Samsung PC Studio 3: PC Studio Launcher: Provides the shortcut icons to start the PC studio applications Phone Editor (Manage contacts and more):Allows you to view, edit and organize the personal information in your phone on your PC. Also lets your copy and move information between your phone and your PC. Message Manager (Manage messages):View, edit and organize your phone messages on your PC. You can also send text messages or multimedia messages with this application when it is connected to the phone PC Sync (Synchronize):Synchronize personal information data (names and contact information) in your phone.

However depending the phone you have you need to select compatible version of the Samsung Kies. Below are the some of the key features of Samsung Kies. Key Features of Samsung Kies Mobile PC Suite • Connect your mobile without wire to the PC: One of the features added to latest Samsung Kies is connecting mobile to PC through WiFi and Sync between the two. • Mobile Firmware Updates: Whenever, the Samsung Mobile is connected to Kies either by USB or WiFi, Kies automatically notifies if any latest firmware available to the device.

Please visit for more information. What devices are compatible with New PC Studio? New PC Studio is not compatible with all devices. Check online at to download or view your device's user manual to find out if it is compatible. New PC Studio only supports a limited number of devices. System Requirements The following system specifications are required to install and run New PC Studio.

You can download simple from Samsung Galaxy Offcial Webpage. It’s available freely. It can support both windows versions and MCA OS also. System Requirements for Samsung Kies 3 PC Suite for Windows • CPU: Intel Core i5 3.0 GHZ or above Recommended • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 • RAM: 1 GB Minimum • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB • Screen Resolution: 1024 or 768 (32 bit ) • Other Required Software: For windows version, you must be have windows media player • Windows 7,8, KN, N: You need to have media feature application. System Requirements for Samsung Kies 3 PC Suite for MAC • RAM:512 MB or More • OS: MAC OS X version 10.5 Later • CPU: Intel 1.8 Ghz or faster • Free Hard Disk Space: 100 MB or More Also Check.

RUGH.JORDAN, you've taken the words right out of my mouth! This program is programmed to test your patience. It takes ages to download, ages to open, ages to 'find' the phone on my laptop, and. THEN IT STOPS WORKING AND ASKS ME TO SEND AN ERROR REPORT. Needless to say, that too took ages.

New PC Studio allows users to manage not only the music, photos and videos in their PC but also the important personal information such as the phonebook, messages and schedules in their mobile phones by exporting them to PC. System Requirements for installing Samsung PC Studio: • One of the following ways is needed to connect the mobile phone to a PC. • USB cable and compatible port • Bluetooth device and software • One of the following programs must be installed to connect Bluetooth. • Microsoft Stack: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher • Widcomm Stack: SP5 or higher • Bluesoleil Stack: 1.6.0 or higher • Toshiba Stack: 3.0 or higher Samsung New PC Studio(NPC) free download is available in the Samsung Support page.

Avoid this like the plague. Pros: Nothing.

Who wrote this, a novice trainee? Pros: Could be handy for listed features Cons: Will NOT Print the page view. Always Prints the list in original order d/l from phone. That's really stupid. Cut & Paste to another not allowed! The format that the List prints in is HORRIBLE.

They can be interchanged between the PC and the mobile phone. Transferring and Playing Music Files in a PC You can play the music files in the library and playlist. The PC music files can be transferred to the mobile phone. Uploading Photo and Video Files to the Web Photo and video files can be easily uploaded to the Web using drag & drop.

Bold Name, Underlined across the whole page. Next name, again Bold with phone number to the right, BUT the phone number belongs to the NAME Above the line, not the one it's level with.

By Anonymous Vrsn 3.2.1 GL6 won't allow simple actions:CUTand PASTE. Prints awful format. In PC/Why--WHY! Can't I PRINT the P. Vrsn 3.2.1 GL6 won't allow simple actions:CUTand PASTE. Prints awful format. In PC/Why--WHY!

Free Download Samsung Kies for windows 7, windows xp and vista – It is a free desktop program for computers running windows OS and is a PC sync utility for syncing your Samsung android smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S, Vibrant (T-Mobile), Captivate (AT&T) and more. In short, Kies is the “iTunes” for Samsung smartphones.

Please visit our new post on for the updated post of this. Samsung PC suite are convenient tools which helps in doing multiple tasks such as syncing contacts, Data, Multimedia files etc. Samsung PC suite are useful in updating the firmwares of the Samsung Devices. With slight difference in features and compatibility of the device Samsung is providing four types of PC suites names Samsung Kies, Samsung PC Studio, New PC Studio and Samsung Kies Air. Below are the features of these PC suites along with the system requirements. Samsung Kies: Samsung Kies latest version is 2.3.

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By Anonymous Excellent software with beautiful musial interface and ads free, thankyou. Its really awesome.

• Operating System: Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4), Windows XP (Service Pack 2), Windows Vista, Windows 7 • CPU: Pentium 600 MHz or higher • RAM: 512MB of more • Disk: 200MB or more available hard disk space • USB port or Bluetooth device • Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or higher • *Samsung New PC Studio doesn't support outlook sync in windows 2000. Mobile Phone Connection Requirements: • One of the following ways is needed to connect the mobile phone to a PC. • USB cable and compatible port • Bluetooth device and software • One of the following programs must be installed to connect Bluetooth. • Microsoft Stack: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher • Widcomm Stack: SP5 or higher • Bluesoleil Stack: 1.6.0 or higher • Toshiba Stack: 3.0 or higher Using Additional Functions • To run additional functions, the following are needed. • Microsoft Outlook 2002 or higher • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher • Windows Media Player 11 or higher.