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Download Dropbox Portable Ahk For Mac

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The Dropbox folder must be available when your computer boots and before the Dropbox desktop application starts. Some USB drives, for example, take some time to mount before your computer recognizes them. Your Dropbox download should automatically start within seconds. If it doesn't, restart the download.

Portable applications have their own advantages and I always prefer them over installers when it comes to applications for Windows. We have already seen how to but it has some limitations. I store most of my important so that I can work on them from any computer. Whether my laptop’s battery is dead or if I am not carrying it with me, I can always access these files from any computer as long as it’s connected to the internet. However, every time I try to access these files using a public computer I wish I had a portable Dropbox app on my USB drive. Of course the web interface is good enough to download the files but nothing can compete with a desktop app. Furthermore, as most of the times administrative access are locked on these public computers, downloading and installing one is out of the picture.

I have been using extensively in the last months. For a project that I'm currently developing with Daniel that is going to launch this year (for webmasters, domain management and a lot more, contact me if you like more information and early beta access) and for access to files on all computers that I own.

Drivers for utilities in mac I’ll be using this one for a while. Would you like your Dropbox to be portable?

Just copy and paste the DropboxPortableAHK executable file to a new folder and run the wizard again to configure a new account. Overall, a pretty cool addition to your Dropbox tool set. (Via ) Last updated on 8 Feb, 2018.

It always makes me happy to see that my software is of value to others. Sorry again for my long absence and for letting all of you down EDIT: For clarity, the latest version is still v1.6.8.15 and can be downloaded from:. If you already have this version, you don’t have to download it again.

But I recommend you skip the step and do a fresh set up at the end of the wizard. Step 5: In the update notification step, put a check on the options to get notified when both, the portable application and the Dropbox program, gets an update and proceed to the next step. Step 6: Here you can configure some options manually like encrypting the Dropbox folder, etc.

Once setup Dropbox can be started with a click on the portable executable in the application folder. The files can be copied to USB devices or other computer systems without the need for another setup phase. Users may notice that the context menu entry does not work on a portable version of Dropbox. The developer has posted instructions on how to re-add the feature, but notes that it creates files on the target system. A portable version of Dropbox offers several advantages over the installation. It is for instance easier to maintain multiple Dropbox profiles on a system and use Dropbox from everywhere, even on computers that do not allow the installation of software (if Windows is the OS) and where you do not have administrative privileges.

DropboxPortableAHK was designed based on AutoHotkey and is extremely simple to deploy and use, making use of a step-by-step wizard that guides users throughout the whole process. First and foremost, the program checks your Internet connection and allows you to create various connection profiles (including proxy servers) in case the current network settings don’t work. Up next, you are asked to configure the default Dropbox folder, after which you are offered an option to import a previous account (if any), otherwise you can proceed to the next step.

It has been a long time since I have written my last blog post or user group message. Since then, I moved to another city and things were a bit hectic. Unfortunately, Dropbox updated its software again and DropboxPortableAHK was broken for a few weeks now. I am very sorry that I could not provide an update and was also not reachable via the website or email, since I did not have my development machine with me until now. Thanks to the community members there were some great instructions over at the that allowed you guys to continue using DropboxPortbleAHK while it was broken. My thanks go especially to Henk van den Akker, Xavier Geoffret, Alfonso Arciniega, and Juraj Frankovský, who all contributed to the instructions and continued to point others in the right direction. I just published the latest Dropbox version (v48.4.58) to bring DropboxPortableAHK back from the dead and I am determined to provide faster updates in the future.

That's great. What's missing, at least for some users, is a portable version that you can run on computers where you cannot or do not want to install Dropbox. There is unfortunately no official portable version available. Veteran Dropbox users have used the forums to find portable Dropbox versions, with the problem that there have been quite a few developers who started and ended portable projects. And with hundreds of thousands of posts, it became more than a nuisance to find a new working version.

Use the ‘-syncandgo’ command line parameter to enable, use ‘-no-syncandgo’ to disable the feature. Hold down the Ctrl-Key during startup to toggle the SyncAndGo state. Whenever SyncAndGo is active, it will show a notification. • Encryption key validation of the Dropbox database was changed. Hopefully, this will fix the issue that the completion of the Dropbox setup was sometimes not detected.

• Current rating: 0 • • • • • Your rating: not submitted DropboxPortableAHK is a portable version of the popular application Dropbox, based on the AutoHotkey programming language. The application enables you to take Dropbox with you wherever you go and use it on any machine without leaving any traces behind. The application is able to run directly from an USB stick or any other portable media. Moreover, you have the possibility to choose the folders which will be synced to your folder. DropboxPortableAHK enables you to create and maintain several Dropbox accounts on the same computer.

Promises to change that. The developer has created a permanent home for the software that offers downloads, instructions and support. In case you are wondering, AHK means, a popular scripting language. So how do you use the portable version of Dropbox? You download the latest available version and unpack it to a directory on your system.

EDIT: Please go straight to, this one is broken! The new beta version makes DropboxPortableAHK usable again with the latest Dropbox version (9.4.49) It is not possible to run multiple Dropbox instances simultaneously, yet. This includes the regular Dropbox client. To sync multiple instances, you can simply start them one after another and shut them down again when they finished syncing.

The reason why they use an older version is because newer versions encrypt their configuration files which prevents this application from changing the Dropbox path to your USB drive. To install DropboxPortableAHK, and extract the zip file to your USB key, run the DropboxPortableAHK.exe file and follow the prompts. Screenshots Download – 1.4mb.

The Dropbox account setup wizard will load up and ask you for your account details. The only thing to take a note here is, do not use the same folder you used in portable app to download the files. It’s already been taken care of in step 3. Simply use the default folder to complete the setup as the folder will be deleted at the end of the wizard anyways. DropboxPortableAHK will work in background and take some time to and come up with working Dropbox app in the system tray.

A fully portable version of Dropbox with several useful features: DropboxPortableAHK is a portable version of Dropbox for those who want to run it without leaving settings on computer and storing files on device like USB drive. If a new version is released, the old version will pop up a notification window asking you whether you want to update it or not. Features and highlights • Fully portable version of Dropbox • Put your Dropbox on your USB-Stick and have it with you all the time • Select which folders should be synchronized to your folder (Selective Sync) • Maintain multiple Dropbox accounts on the same computer/user account • Use your Dropbox everywhere, also without administrator privileges Compability and license DropboxPortableAHK is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system / platform from cloud storage software without restrictions. DropboxPortableAHK Stable is available to all software users as a free download (Freeware). Compatibility with this dropbox downloader software may vary, but will generally run fine under Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP on either a 32-bit or 64-bit setup. A separate x64 version may be available from DropboxPortableAHK.

If you are an advanced user, you can work around the settings but for a normal user, the default configuration would work perfectly fine. Step 7: In the User Application page, if at all you would like to launch some programs before Dropbox starts, or after you exit it, you can choose them here. Most of the users may skip this step as well. Step 8: Click on Download Dropbox files button and in the meantime, select the color you would like to give the tray icon. Step 9: Finally, click the next button to start the Dropbox setup.

Solver does not work on excel 2016 for mac I am working on a solution for both issues and will publish a new version when I am ready. I hope to finish it until Dropbox pulls the plug for the current version entirely, but I can’t make any promises. Also, I’d like to remind you that DropboxPortableAHK comes free of charge and I am working on it in my spare time, which is currently very limited. So please consider a donation. Even if it is a small one, everything helps. A big thanks to all of you who did donate in the past, you are awesome Update (): Dropbox broke all setups today. I try to have the new version ready until next week.