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Problem With Realbasic 2007 For Mac

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In the 'Display Hello' button, place TextDisplay.Text='Hello World' in the Action item. The 'Clear' button has TextDisplay.Text=' and the 'Exit' button has Beep Quit added to the Action item. Choose Debug > Run (Command-R) to test the program. Build the stand-alone applications by going to File > Build Settings. Choose whether to build a Macintosh program or a PC program or both. Name the program 'Hello' for Macintosh and/or 'Hello.exe' for PC (using the popup menu).

The test system is a with a 367 MHz G3 processor card, 136 MB RAM, several 4-8 GB hard drives, and Mac OS 8.1 and 8.6, using Conflict Catcher 8. A 30-day demo is available for download from REALsoftware.

• Finally, the Soundtracks folder contains sound effects for use in REALbasic and the Stationary folder allows programmers to set default settings for projects. Most demo users, however, will not be using any of these folder features at the start. The program started with no difficulties. Conflicts have been nonexistent since installing the program on the test system, in both Mac OS 8.1 or 8.6.

Folks with the imagination to do just that will appreciate Real Software's RealBasic 2.0.2, a development environment for experienced programmers and novices alike. REALBasic comes tantalizingly close to solving a real problem; with a few minor changes, it could become the next great development tool for GUI programming. But it’s not there yet. Here’s my view on development tools for creating commercial software that needs to run on Windows and/or Mac (i.e., 99% of the desktop). REALBasic 5 for the Mac is now available from REAL Software, with enhanced support for Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar, including drawers, brushed-metal windows and toolbars. Is Realbasic 2008 Release 4 available for mac? I've heard about the Control Locking and Tab Stops feature that are now in Realbasic 2008 R4. The problem is with.

Problem With Realbasic 2007 For Macbook Pro

Other programmers who have used both environments extensively have always agreed with me on this point. Programmers who don’t agree with me have not used both. There are a lot of C++ only programmers who think of Basic as a toy language and disdain it. They think that they are cool coding jocks because they don’t need wimpy languages. Frankly, they are wrong, and I don’t have very much patience for people who get religious about tools and judge things that they haven’t used.

In that case a plugin function was renamed and Realbasic linked an app which tried to load the old function from a new plugin file. Go to the folder ~/Library/Caches/Realbasic (~/Application Support/REALbasic 2006/ for REALbasic 2006) by clicking through the folders or using the 'Go to folder' menu command. Move all stuff inside this folder to the trash. Relaunch Realbasic. Go to the folder '/Documents and Settings/ username/Application Data/REALbasic' on an english Windows or '/Dokumente/ username/Anwendungsdaten/REALbasic' on a German Windows by clicking through the folders Move all stuff inside this folder to the trash.

• Weblinks useful to most REALbasic programmers, as well as links to other REALbasic developer sites, are included in the Internet Resources folder. • Plugins add new functions to programs and REALbasic allows for this with the Plugins folder - simply install the plugin into the folder and it is installed as REALbasic starts up. • Important development files and release notes are available in the Read Me's folder.

If REALBasic can get that cost of porting below 10%, a flood of developers will suddenly discover that porting to the Mac is worthwhile, which will hugely improve the sales of REALBasic. In the long run, it will also be shockingly beneficial to Apple, which has its own chicken and egg problem trying to get software for the Macintosh. If Apple has any sense at all (and they don’t), they would PAY REALBasic to be more VB compatible.

Anyway off to bed now. See my little example attached. Will blow the dust of my RB skills and fiddle a bit more tomorrow night. Lots of great ideas! Re loopback: I think it can be reliable, since Folding@Home (currently) works that way. The loopback does crash F@H if your network changes.

* Added NSSavePanelMBS and NSOpenPanelMBS classes. * Added MirrorPictureMBS, HMirrorPictureMBS, VMirrorPictureMBS and MirrorMBS to picture class. * Added WebViewMBS.dashboardBehavior. * Added ASIO for Windows to PortAudio class. * Added iMediaBrowserMBS class based on a framework from Please check their license options!

(Fear not, I'm asking in their forum too ) What about a solution for Windows? (My client uses Windows--the Mac support is desirable but less important.) Thanks, all! RealBasic is not bad, but it's not as outstanding nowadays as it was a few years back. Last time I used it, there was a web page rendering control, and I think it was based on WebKit on the Mac and IE on Windows - it probably could house a Unity web player, but I would check before buying a licence.

In addition, you can create applications for Mac Classic, Mac OS X, even Windows and Linux, from your single source-code base. Sell your programs or share them with your friends. Forget having to learn a complex programming language such as C++ or the details of the Mac Toolbox.

The possibility to build new programs for both Macintosh and PC is of great benefit. The demo was used on the test system for the full trial period, with at least one hour per day using the program.

Share your perspective on the Mac by emailing with 'My Turn' as your subject. Join us on, follow us on or, or subscribe to our Today's Links • Mac of the Day:, (1996.11. The smallest, least costly Mac clone had two PCI slots.) • Recent Content •.

Edit > Duplicate (Command-D) the PushButton Tool twice, and renamed the buttons 'DisplayHello,' 'Clear,' and 'Quit' in their respective Properties Name field. Rename the EditField Tool 'TextDisplay' in the Properties Name field. Place the 'TextDisplay' EditField at the top of the window with the 'Display Hello' and 'Clear' buttons on the same line under it and the 'Quit' button at the bottom. Add the code to the PushButtons and the EditField. From the program window, Option-Tab to get the Code Editor window. From there, click the disclosure triangle to the left of the Controls icon and for each button add code.

Share your perspective on the Mac by emailing with 'My Turn' as your subject. Join us on, follow us on or, or subscribe to our Today's Links • Mac of the Day:, (1996.11.

Full Specifications What's new in version 10.3 This is a big update to our plugin collection. Featuring 36 new classes and over thousand new features, we can only list a few highlights here: First we have a new example project coming with our ChartDirector plugin: Inside the ChartDirector Control project, you will find a canvas based ChartDirector control which implements adding charts to your application. With a few clicks you copy this class to your projects and add beautiful charts to your applications. All the difficulties in the mouse handling have been done for you so you can zoom and move in the chart. Second, we have a new WIA Plugin part. This 20 new classes for Windows Image Acquisition let you browse for digital cameras. Once you have a device, you can import images or send commands to capture new images or delete images.

The best current book is REALbasic Cross-Platform Development by Mark Choate. There is also another book called REALbasic From Novice to Professional (APress). The O'Reilly Book (REALbasic: The Definitive Guide) is good, but very dated now. You might also want to check out REALbasic Developer Magazine, but I'm one of the columnists, so I'm biased.

REALbasic has a toolbar-based interface, like Photoshop and PageMaker. At start up, several windows appear: the Control Palette, the Project Window and its untitled Window Editor, and the Properties Window. Providing various Button controls, ListBox controls, and EditField controls, the Control Palette contains over 30 interface objects. Drag and drop the required interface object to the Window Editor window to place it into the program. The Project Window lists the items in the program, such as menus, the untitled Window Editor, and any other windows that may be added.

Also project structure is pretty intuitive and easy to use (like how you set up your classes and everything, it's not all in one chunk of text). RealBasic is capable of pretty much anything you want to do with it, and it makes the development of professional GUI applications really easy. I would suggest it to you if you don't intend to use it to develop on or compile stuff for Linux. This will hopefully change in the future anyway. Hello, I find REALbasic to be an excellent development environment. The language is very similar to, but much more object-oriented than Visual Basic 6. I mostly use it with Mac OS X, but I find the IDE works well in Windows and Ubuntu as well.

It will take a couple hours for the battery charge. Gn9350 driver Gn9350 driver Gn9350 driver Set the GN 9350 as the default device for recording and playback. Canon drivers for mac.

Well this topic has come a very good time for me. As I've got a job that went missing in action for 18 months and now the client has come back and wants it finished. So basically I'll be doing exactly same thing. I need a custom browser that launches off a CD-ROM and display various web based content, plus it needs to run a Unity web player. So I guess I'm going to explore the RB w/ MBS plugin route as I know RB very well and how reliable it is.

But with Unity2 and it's new GUI system and with some creative plugin writing then I suspect most things would be doable in Unity directly. Especially if that HTML plugin for Unity becomes cross-platform!:wink: Cheers. Someone shoot me here if I am wrong. You could create a Java application and pass it information (to and from the Java appliation) to Unity using the WWW interface.

Most demo users, however, will not be using any of these folder features at the start. The program started with no difficulties.

(I may fall back on Web app, with Unity sharing the page with JavaScript, PHP, whatever--but a standalone executable would be much nicer.) Thanks in advance! BigKahuna: All-in-Unity is possible I'm sure, and might be necessary as a last resort, but it wouldn't give me a nice, professional, native GUI. I want a 'real' app where the menus and controls look--and work--exactly like regular OS X and Windows menus/controls. This is important both for polish and also to keep the learning curve low and the comfort-level high, for a non-technical audience. I want my app to be 'just another app' like they are used to. (Even Flash isn't acceptable on that score.) That's why RealBasic would be perfect. And 95% of the app would be nothing to do with 3D or Unity--unless, that is, I can get the Unity stuff really well integrated and persuade the client to expand that portion Johnathan: Do Cocoa webviews work in RealBasic?

General app removal on Mac and its problems Unlike the Windows operating system that many people are familiar with, Mac OS X does not have a 'Uninstall a program' or 'Programs and Features' feature that enables people to go through and uninstall unwanted applications. However, it has not mean that the program removal on Mac become very difficult or complex, conversely, it seems like providing a far easier way to remove a program, people just need to move the program from Applications folder to the Trash, and the problem could be cleaned up on the Mac via emptying the Trash. Such being the case, why people still encounter the removing problem on Mac continuously?

REAL Software will also have a new plug-in file format, so that plug-ins can be cross-platform as well. 'One of the things we're most pleased about in REALBasic 5 is the enhanced support for the Jaguar UI [user interface] features,' Matt Quagliana, director of sales at REAL Software, told MacCentral. 'Previously, a lot of things that made Mac OS X unique from the UI perspective was unique to Cocoa. Metal windows, for instance. However, Apple has done a great job of stepping up to the plate to bring as close a parity as possible to Cocoa and Carbon [application programming interfaces].

I used to do plenty of coding in RealBasic before I switched to using Linux (from Windows); now I use Python until Real Software comes out with a version of RB that is not really buggy on Linux (though I will probably continue to use Python; I like it quite a bit). I think RB is quite similar to Visual Basic (in syntax, obviously, as well as some other stuff), but it seemed to me that the IDE was sleeker and simpler.

During testing, Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 was run along with REALbasic to view the many PDF tutorials. On several occasions, Word 98, Netscape 4.74, and Toast 4.1.1 have also run without any problems.

Project files in REALbasic 5 will be cross-platform compatible. REAL Software will also have a new plug-in file format, so that plug-ins can be cross-platform, as well.

If that cost is only 10% more, it’s worth it. If that cost is something like 50% more, it’s not worth it. If I have a product that cost me $1,000,000 to develop, and 10,000 Windows users are using it, that’s $100 per user. Now if I have to make a Mac version, and it’s going to cost me $500,000 to port the Windows version, and the product is going to be just as popular among Mac users as Windows users, then I will have about 1000 Mac users. That means that my port cost me $500 per user. This is not a good proposition. I’d rather spend the money getting more Windows users, because they’re cheaper.

The utility, now in beta testing, will convert the UI and code, even rewriting the code when possible. This should help bring some Windows applications to the Mac, Perlman said. Finally, although REALBasic is very Mac OS X centric, it still has Mac OS 9 support. The system requirements haven't changed. 'This is important for us because there are several schools that teach REALbasic that may not have moved to Mac OS X yet,' Quagliana said. Pricing starts at US$99.95, with upgrades starting at $29.95. Academic and volume discounts, as well as license-only and subscription pricing options, are available.

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In order to continue using REALbasic beyond 30 days, it is necessary to purchase, at a minimum, a license ($99.95). The Standard and Professional editions each contain the license, an application CD, and printed documentation.

Users have expectations for what makes up a “professional looking” application. If you violate these expectations, they will feel like your program is a piece of junk.

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When you add in axiom two, and the need for speed in certain critical areas, I would modify my statement a bit, and say that my preferred development environment would be Visual Basic, with the ability to drop into C++ to do certain things. VB gives you at least two good ways to do this: through DLLs or through COM objects. COM objects that are also controls even give you the ability to define new user interfaces. Now let’s talk about platforms. Windows has 90% or 95% of the desktop market. Macintosh has 5% or 10%. If you’re talking about office users, Windows is even more dominant; Macintosh has a bit more of the home users, but probably not even near 15%.

It was about that time that I stopped using RB - it may have improved again since then. In any case, if you've never used it before then you might not be so disappointed with its current state.